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The work summary and deployment and commendation conference of HEC Group for 2023-2024 was successfully held


On March 28-29, the work summary and deployment and commendation conference of HEC Group for 2023-2024 was successfully held in Shenzhen, Guangdong. With the theme of "Strategic focus on revitalizing the

 main business, joint creation and sharing of new glory", this conference reviewed the group's outstanding achievements in the three major industries of electronic new materials, biomedicine, and health and wellness in 2023, and focused on the group's five-year strategic plan, and the key ideological deployments such as the dual-engine strategy of "innovation" + "internationalization", and further looked forward to the new development trend of the group in the field of innovative real economy in the new era, and continued to promote the high-quality and sustainable development of new productive forces in the group's three major industries. Group Chairman Zhang Yushuai and his family members Ms. Guo Meilan and Ms. Hua Xiaoyi, rotating chairman of the group’s board of directors Tang Xinfa, group directors Lu Yuxin, Zhu Yingwei, Zhang Hongwei, Deng Xinhua, Qian Xifeng, group supervisors Hu Zhidong, Zhou Lin, Wei Cailiang, as well as the advanced representatives and key representatives on various fronts such as R&D, production, sales, and functional departments participated in this conference, and a number of important partners (government representatives, cooperative banks, financial institutions, etc.) were also invited to participate in this conference.

(Group Chairman Zhang Yushuai)

 (Group photo of group directors)

(Plenary Session)

At the work summary and deployment and commendation conference, the heads of each segment of R&D, production and sales conducted a summary of 2023 and shared plans for 2024; the group supervisors reported the optimization and adjustment of the group’s organizational construction and personnel appointments, the work summary and planning of capital operation and equity incentive; the group directors successively reported the financial system work, the summary and strategic planning of the three major industries of electronic new materials, biomedicine, and health and wellness in 2023; Tang Xinfa, the rotating chairman of the group's board of directors, reported the group's overall operations in 2023.

(Group leaders are speaking)

Zhang Yushuai, the chairman of the group, delivered a speech from five parts, focusing on the inheritance and promotion of "HEC Culture", a review of the group's achievements in 2023, five-year strategic plans for the three major industries, key work arrangements in 2024, and the group's industrial development management requirements.

(Group Chairman Zhang Yushuai)

The speech pointed out that in 2023, with the unity and hard work of all HEC members, we strengthened beliefs, seized opportunities, overcame difficulties, and created the best performance since the establishment of HEC. On behalf of the board of directors of the group company, the chairman paid tribute to all HEC members who are struggling on all fronts and thanked everyone for their hard work; he also thanked governments at all levels, partners and customers for their close concern and strong support for the development of HEC; at the same time, he also thanked the employees’ families for their silent understanding and support.



Persist in learning, inheriting, developing and promoting "HEC Culture"

(1) Persist in developing an innovative real economy and serving the country with industry

(2) Adhere to the general outline of legal management

(3) Forging the excellent characters of HEC members: loyalty, rules, planning and innovation

(4) Three Ones Concept: One Army, One School, One Family

(5) "Middle-aged people have something to do, the elderly have supporting, and children have somebody to rely on"

(6) Co-creation and sharing, common prosperity, and century-old HEC


We created the best performance in history in 2023

In 2023, the group's total output value was exceeded 51 billion yuan, and taxes paid was exceeded 3 billion yuan.


Maintain strategic focus and continue to move forward towards the five-year strategic goals

All industries must maintain strategic focus, unify the thinking, make scientific judgments, coordinate development, strengthen the main businesses, and create more profits.


Goals and key tasks for 2024

2023 is the first year of the group's five-year strategic plan, and we have achieved the best performance in history. 2024 is the second year of the group's five-year strategic plan and is also a crucial year. The three major industries will resolutely complete the assessment tasks in 2024. Sunshine Lake Pharma Co., Ltd. will complete the listing of the Hong Kong stock market in 2024, all functional departments must do a good job in enabling support and service guarantees.


Thoughts and requirements on company development and management

At present, the international situation is changing, the domestic and foreign economic situation is severe, and science and technology are developing at a rapid pace. In the future, the development models of many industries will be reshaped or even completely subverted. How we should respond in order to continue to maintain steady development is worth pondering.

The following are the thoughts and requirements on the company’s future development and management from the Chairman Zhang Yushuai:

1. Under the new development situation, we should always maintain a sense of crisis, mission and responsibility.

2. Have bottom-line thinking when making decisions, and be optimism when doing things.

3. Focus on the main business, strengthen advantageous industries, and resolutely optimize non-core businesses.

4. Adhere to technological innovation and embrace new technologies.

5. Increase income and reduce expenditure, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and optimize the salary and performance appraisal distribution system.

6. Further improve the system of training and selection of cadres and talents.

7. Reasonably authorize, strengthen supervision, improve the accountability system, and strengthen the construction of a clean work style.

8. Persist in management reform, we can try first, sum up successful experiences and then expand.

(Group Chairman Zhang Yushuai)

At the end of his speech, the Chairman Zhang Yushuai sent a wish to everyone: Comrades, HEC insists on technological innovation and industrial service to the country, our profession is sacred, noble and dignified. The three major industries that the company focuses on are all on the advantageous track supported by national strategic policies, HEC has a broad development platform and this great cause worthy of our continued struggle. The winds and waves are going strong, and the future is promising, let us use our sweat, hard work, and even tears to serve this great company with a firmer belief, a stronger will, a more high-spirited attitude, and a more down-to-earth style, to build a better future together, strengthen this family and make it as our strongest supporter!

After the conference, the group held a commendation award ceremony for the model workers, outstanding Party members, outstanding teams, management elites, R&D elites, production elites, sales elites, scientific and technological progress awards, highest science and technology awards, etc. in 2023, and had a celebration dinner, and called on all employees to learn from the commended teams and individuals.

With the hard work of all HEC members, HEC Group achieved the best performance in history in 2023. In 2024, all HEC members will reach the peak of performance again without being arrogant or impetuous!

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