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Guangdong HEC Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with GAC Parts Co., Ltd.


On May 6, Gong Hanqing, chairman of GAC Parts Co., Ltd., Huang Yu, general manager, Huang Xusheng and Ye Rongyan, deputy general managers, visited HEC Group headquarters. Zhang Hongwei, chairman of Guangdong HEC Technology Holdings Co., Ltd., Li Yitao, general manager, Chai Zhi, executive deputy general manager, and Wang Wenjun, deputy general manager, accompanied the visit, held discussions and signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

(Picture 1: Visit to HEC R&D Building)

Chairman Gong Hanqing and his party visited HEC R&D Building and Cordyceps Exhibition Hall, and highly affirmed the industrial layout and development of HEC Group, saying that HEC Group has huge development potential and strong innovation ability.

(Picture 2: Signing Ceremony)

During the discussion, the two parties exchanged and discussed recent work progress, which laid a good foundation for further cooperation between the two parties. On the basis of the joint venture and cooperation on the aluminum polymetallic mine resources development project in Tongzi County, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province, the two parties will focus on new energy vehicles and their core parts and components industry chain, and comprehensively strengthen cooperation in terms of technology, products, markets and capital, etc., through the introduction of existing products, joint development and application promotion of new products, and capital cooperation, to create an integrated complete industrial chain. Both parties hope to take this strategic cooperation signing as an opportunity to use the advantages of both parties to join forces, explore together in the future, and work towards the same goal as a team to empower the common development of both parties.

(Picture 3: Gong Hanqing, Chairman of GAC Parts Co., Ltd.)

(Picture 4: Zhang Hongwei, Chairman of Guangdong HEC Technology Holdings Co., Ltd.)

Li Yitao and Huang Yu signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of Guangdong HEC Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. and GAC Parts Co., Ltd. respectively. Gong Hanqing, Huang Xusheng, Ye Rongyan, Zhang Hongwei, Chai Zhi, Wang Wenjun and others witnessed the signing ceremony.

(Picture 5: Group photo after signing the agreement)

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